UK Independence Party (UKIP) group response to the Southampton Cycling Campaign election survey

April 19th, 2016 Edit

Thank you for requesting our views on your cycling questions. This is the response from UKIP Southampton Test candidates.

1. Yes, we would sign up for the Space for Cycling Campaign.

Cycling has become more hazardous, and there is an urgent need for protected space to improve safety and encourage more people to take up this activity.

2. We would demand the installation of physically segregated cycle lanes on our main roads. In Holland, a line of bollards keeps vehicles out of the cycle lanes.  In Britain, a strip of paint is deemed adequate, offering no protection at all. We would also wish to see the introduction of more 20 mph zones, which mean less danger for cyclists, children and pets.

Funding, as ever, is the obstacle, particularly as we continue to hand over £350 MILLION per week to Brussels! Once that is eliminated, your requirements may become more achievable.

Best wishes,

Pearline Hingston, Colin Hingston, Molly Chandler, Steve McKinnon, Richard Lyons, Nick Ray, Joe Lockyer


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