Sholing ward

Summary: Elections to Southampton City Council in May 2018
Polling date: Thursday 3rd May 2018
(by surname):
  • Lyn BRAYSHAW (Green Party)
  • Andy FRAMPTON (Labour Party)
  • Marley GUTHRIE (The Conservative Party)
  • Phillip MACKIN (Liberal Democrat)

Questions for Sholing ward candidates (6 questions)

Question 1

If elected will you sign up to the Space for Cycling campaign?

Lyn BRAYSHAW (Green Party) Yes
Andy FRAMPTON (Labour Party) I can see no reason at the moment why I would not sign up to the Space for Cycling campaign. I am a keen cyclist myself.
Marley GUTHRIE (The Conservative Party) Yes
Phillip MACKIN (Liberal Democrat)

Question 2

Are you in favour of removing road space for cars and using this for safe segregated cycle superhighways similar to London?

Lyn BRAYSHAW (Green Party) Yes, segregated routes for cycles are definitely needed
Andy FRAMPTON (Labour Party) I am in Favour of any moves possible to make it safer for cyclists to move around our city for pleasure or work.
Marley GUTHRIE (The Conservative Party)
I think schemes such as this need to be carefully considered so as to not have adverse consequences, however I would be happy to look at proposals involving the cycle superhighway.
Phillip MACKIN (Liberal Democrat)

Question 3

Are you in favour of lowering speed limits to 20mph in some residential areas to make it safer for people to walk and cycle?

Lyn BRAYSHAW (Green Party) Of course
Andy FRAMPTON (Labour Party) Yes I am, in full consultation with residents.
Marley GUTHRIE (The Conservative Party)
I am very much in favour of reducing speed limits to 20mph in areas where residents want them. This has been Southampton Conservative policy for some time and I am pleased that it remains a key pledge in our 2018 manifesto.
Phillip MACKIN (Liberal Democrat)

Question 4

If elected what would you do to encourage cycling in Southampton?

Lyn BRAYSHAW (Green Party) Everything I already do and more!
Andy FRAMPTON (Labour Party) There are many reasons why we should be encouraging cycling. It’s best for transport, for fitness, freedom, and the environment for all as part of clean airin the city. If elected I will be cycling to council meetings and around Sholing
Marley GUTHRIE (The Conservative Party)
 Our manifesto contains a number of key pledges:
  •  By acquiring specialist velocity patcher machinery, Southampton Conservatives will dramatically speed up repairs on all of our roads and cycle routes. We would prioritise fixing roads which are official cycle routes. We would also ensure that potholes, which are currently ignored by the council because they are deemed not deep enough, get fixed.
  •  To encourage cycling in the city, in addition to the proper maintenance of cycle lanes, we would make it planning policy to require showers for cyclists in new workspace buildings.
  • We would introduce 20 mph limits on residential roads where residents want them.
  • We want to encourage more children to cycle and walk to school and would make keeping children safe a priority. We would ensure that every school that wants a lollipop person can have one.
Phillip MACKIN (Liberal Democrat)

Question 5

If elected would you be in favour of allocating 10% of the local transport budget to cycling?

Lyn BRAYSHAW (Green Party) Yes
Andy FRAMPTON (Labour Party) I am in favour of allocating part of the local transport budget to cycling. However we should also be campaigning to elect a Labour government, so we can improve local authorities budgets, so a local transport budget can be properly funded. With no cuts from government.
Marley GUTHRIE (The Conservative Party) Yes, I would be in favour of this. We would seek to achieve this by prioritising the resurfacing of roads in the city which are formal cycle routes. 
Phillip MACKIN (Liberal Democrat)

Question 6

If elected would you be in favour of a Workplace Parking Levy?

Lyn BRAYSHAW (Green Party) Yes, we need to do all we can, as quickly as we can, to make Southampton a liveable city in the future
Andy FRAMPTON (Labour Party) As a city and indeed as a society we must stop being reliant on the automobile.

So I support both a congestion charge and some form of a Workplace Parking Levy to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution, with the revenue towards other forms of public transport, including cycling.

Marley GUTHRIE (The Conservative Party)
I am sceptical about the potential introduction of a levy such as this. We need to support businesses in Southampton so that they can thrive and flourish and a recent deal with the government enables Southampton City Council to retain 100% in the growth of its business rates, as opposed to passing this money up to central government. More businesses in the city means more business rates to support vital local services.
I would be in favour however of using a share of the growth in business rates, as well as developer contributions for new developments and the New Homes Bonus, to support improvements in the city’s infrastructure. I also believe a share of the additional business rates levied via new Business Improvement District going towards better cycling infrastructure in the city centre would be an efficient way to make sure cyclists are supported.
Phillip MACKIN (Liberal Democrat)