This section provides useful links for anyone looking to find additional information about cycling, planning a route, or wanting to report a problem.

Southampton Cycling Campaign




Related websites

Cycling Embassy of Great Britain

Cyclists’ Touring Club

Portsmouth Cycle Forum



People cycling in the Netherlands. Author – Mark Wagenbuur (Bicycle Dutch)

A View From the Cycle path – cycling in the Netherlands

Bicycle Dutch – cycling in the Netherlands

Bike Blog – The Guardian





Maps and Route Planning

Cycle Streets – Route Planning

Eastleigh Cycling Map

Fareham Cycling Map

National Cycle Network Map – Sustrans

Test Valley Cycling Maps

Problem Reporting

Cyclescape (Southampton)

Fix my Street

Fill That Hole

Rights of Way Problem Reporting (Hampshire)

Cycle Training


Sound Cycling

Other Links

Campaign for Childhood freedom – How cycling can improve the wellbeing of children

Cyclescheme – Buy a bicycle through your employer

Write to Them – contact your local MP, councillors, MEPs or a Lord

3 comments on “Resources
  1. Roy says:

    Hi is the group planning to participate in the Ride and Stride to historic churches on 13th Sept.
    Please let me no.
    Thanks Roy

  2. Adrian Byrne says:

    I’m interested mostly in giving support to good cycling schemes, and in eradicating some of the truly daft and even dangerous things that are already in place, some of them supposedly to help!!

  3. Several members present at the informal meeting at Mettricks with Councillor Paffey asked for a copy of a video of the London Cycle SuperHighway 3. The segment of the East West route from Westminster to Blackfriars Bridge.

    It’s now uploaded to my Dropbox. Anyone with the URL can access it and view a segment online, or download the whole 3GB.

    The URL is here:

    Happy viewing.

    With it is a map of the route and a PDF Guide to the noteworthy bits.

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