Southampton Cycling Campaign Key Objectives

  1. Campaigning for better infrastructure to aid the convenience, safety and practicality of cycling in and around Southampton for all cyclists no matter what age, ability or background. 

  2. Promotion of cycling as a fun, healthy, inexpensive and low carbon form of transport

  3. Create a forum for the local community to exchange ideas about how cycling can be improved in Southampton.

  4. Build relationships with key influencers and decision makers and when possible collaborate on projects. Work with them to promote the positive impact that cycling and walking can have on everyone’s lives.

  5. Create a rich online resource of knowledge that can be shared with people in Southampton and beyond, to aid the development of cycling

  6. Promote safe and courteous cycling, and help educate all road users in schemes designed to increase road safety and awareness

  7. Be the true voice of cycling in Southampton


NOTE: The campaign has no political affiliations