Cycling Directory

What would you like to know about cycling in Southampton? Where can I get my puncture repaired? How can I carry kids on my bike? What’s the safest route from the Station to the University?

Well this is the place where we will direct you to all of the groups, resources and information that you need.

Please be patient while we build this directory for you, it may take a little while, but we promise it will be worthwhile coming back soon and checking it out.

Community Bike Groups
Volunteer groups like us, or not for profits with a community goal a their heart.

Cycling Clubs – Touring, Road, Cyclo X, BMX and more
Places where you can go and find people to cycle with, be that, serious road cycling, some off road mud larking or just a gentle ride to a nice pub.

Bicycle Recycling & Second Hand Bikes
Where can I donate my old bike to be scrapped or fixed up and sold on?

Riding Skills
Learn to ride or gain confidence on the roads along side a trained bikeability instructor.

Local Bicycle Shops
Commercial shops that sell and/or repair bikes

Bicycle Hire
Just need a bike for a day or two, here’s where you go

Cycling Maps
Feeling a little lost? Find your away around with some handy maps.