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City centre congestion

This demonstrates clearly why cars should be barred from all city centres – think how much more space and clean air there would be.

Video: Cycling side by side

It’s safer to overtake cyclists who are riding side by side than strung out in a line. Chris Boardman and Blaine Walsh show why. This is the companion video to SPACE, how to safely overtake cyclists.…  

Sign e-petition to make cycle skills training compulsory for children

Most children do not cycle. We need to encourage young people to ride a bike as a healthy, active, cheap and fun experience and help them cycle as much as they can. Cycle training is a cheap and effective way

I don’t ride a bike, why should I sign the Times cycling petition?

“If you are not a regular cyclist, you may ask why you should sign The Times’s petition for greater investment in cycling?” An article to pass onto non-cyclists.

Portsmouth Cycle Forum Newsletter January 2013

The latest newsletter of the Portsmouth Cycle Forum can be found here.

Southampton Cycling Survey

Rebecca McCarthy, an undergraduate geography student at the University of Southampton is carrying out some research for her final year dissertation into the implementation of cycling as a mode of green transport within the city of Southampton. This focuses on

Dilys on the Alex Dyke show BBC Radio Solent

Dilys Gartside was invited onto the Alex Dyke BBC Radio Solent prog as guest speaker on Thurs 25 October. Topics ranged from Twenty’s Plenty to cycle paths to hi-vis. Dilys was splendid in the face of some predictable anti-cyclist rhetoric!

Lee Lane

You may have seen this report in the Echo regarding Lee Lane: It gives details of an experimental closure of part of Lee Lane to test the effect of traffic reduction on use by cyclists and pedestrians. I suggest

Challenge to find quickest rush hour transport in Southampton

FROM THE DAILY ECHO: MANY motorists stuck in Southampton’s morning rush hour must have wondered if there’s an easier way to get to work. Now it’s been proven there is – with a commuter race through the city centre. As

Low cost improvements will make big difference for cyclists

FROM THE DAILY ECHO: A group of Southampton cyclists is taking steps to make the city safer for bikes. As the Daily Echo continues its Don’t be a Fuel Fool campaign and begins to look at ways round the rising