May 2015 local elections questions

1. What experience do you have of cycling in the Southampton area?

2. We believe that 20mph should be the norm for local streets in residential areas (as distinct from main connecting roads). 20mph would: greatly encourage walking and cycling; improve the quality of life in an area for residents; and would not delay car journeys significantly (because only the start/end of a journey would be affected). Do you agree that 20mph should become the norm for local streets in Southampton?

3. 11,000 people took part in last year’s Sky Ride in Southampton. If you are elected what would you do to encourage these same people to cycle regularly in the city.

4. How important do you consider the role of active travel (cycling and walking) in improving the air quality in the city and so avoid paying a large fine to the EU.

5. London’s Mayor has launched plans for proper prioritisation of space for cycling in London, with a 15-mile substantially-segregated route by removing traffic lanes from cars, three ‘mini-Hollands’ and more. Would you and your party support a new London-style bike plan for Southampton?

6. Do you believe that Dutch-quality cycle provision, with cycle tracks that are separate both from pedestrians and motor traffic and that have priority over side roads should be our aspiration and should a) be included within all new traffic schemes and b) be considered and consulted on for all modifications to existing schemes?

7. Do you support our view that traffic policing, of all groups of road users (cyclists, drivers, etc), should become a greater police priority, and that this should be evidence-based, namely based on the relative levels of danger presented by each such group?

8. Do you have any other general cycling-related comments or points? And what support have you given for cycling and walking, or sustainable transport more generally, in the recent past?