May 2016 local elections questions

Space for Cycling is a national campaign that aims to create the conditions where anyone can cycle anywhere. What Space for Cycling means will depend on the location, with different solutions for major and minor roads and junctions, in urban and rural areas alike. In general though, the answers are covered by the Space for Cycling campaign’s 6 themes:

1. Protected space on main roads
2. Removing through motor traffic in residential areas
3. Lower speed limits
4. Cycle-friendly town centres
5. Safe routes to school
6. Routes through green spaces

Further information on Space for Cycling can be found in this a 8 page booklet, a 2-minute video by Cycling UK President Jon Snow and a website.

Each of the candidates were posted the 8 page booklet and were asked to answer these two questions:

Question 1. If elected will you sign up to the Space for Cycling campaign?

Question 2. If elected what would you do to encourage cycling in Southampton?