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Southampton Cycling Campaign has been working hard for over 30 years to promote cycling in the city and surrounding areas. It has not always been easy with the rise of the car as the dominant form of transport in many cities including Southampton. But every modern city that is looking towards a sustainable vibrant future has now realised that cycling plays a key role in creating a clean, modern liveable environment where people come before cars. Southampton has been lagging behind in this way of thinking, but with the publication of the 10 year cycling plan in June 2017 is appears that finally the city has a glimpse of a brighter future. We will be working hard with the council to make sure that this vision is seen through, and we would love for you to join us in our mission to make the city and surrounding areas safe for people to cycle regardless of their age, background or ability.

Key Objectives

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Our new Website was launched in October 2017 and we are happy to hear ideas about what it should contain. So feel free to contact us with your suggestions


The campaign is made up entirely of volunteers, and we are always looking for enthusiastic people to come and help us with the work we do. So whatever your experience or skills we would love fr you to come and join us. Associate membership is free and allows you to come on our rides To be part of the committee and come to meetings you need to become a full member which starts at just £3 per year. To come on our regular rides and to receive news letters you can become an associate member for free. To find out more just go to our Membership Page

Southampton Cycling Campaign Constitution

Southampton Cycling Campaign is a constituted group run by volunteers and is guided by our constitution. Our constitution was last updated In March 2018.
You can download a copy below.

Southampton Cycling Campaign Constitution March 2018