Freemantle ward

Summary: Elections to Southampton City Council in May 2018
Polling date: Thursday 3rd May 2018
(by surname):
  • Alexander CLIFTON-MELHUISH (Liberal Democrat)
  • Lindsey HOOD(Green Party)
  • Steve LEGGETT (Labour Party)
  • Jeremy MOULTON (The Conservative Party)
  • Peter Packwood (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts)
  • Ed THOMPSON (Protest against Brexit – vote Viva Europa)

Questions for Freemantle ward candidates (6 questions)

Question 1

If elected will you sign up to the Space for Cycling campaign?

Alexander CLIFTON-MELHUISH (Liberal Democrat) As a cyclist, I am personally committed to this issue and have already joined the Space for Cycling campaign. I will work with my Liberal Democrat colleagues to develop viable ways to deliver on this commitment.
Lindsey HOOD(Green Party)
Steve LEGGETT (Labour Party) As a keen cyclist who gave up his car some time ago I fully support this policy initiative.
Jeremy MOULTON (The Conservative Party) Yes I will sign up to the Space for Cycling Campaign.
Peter Packwood (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts)
Ed THOMPSON (Protest against Brexit – vote Viva Europa) Yes, I am a keen cyclist and commute by cycle to work daily.

Question 2

Are you in favour of removing road space for cars and using this for safe segregated cycle superhighways similar to London?

Alexander CLIFTON-MELHUISH (Liberal Democrat) Southampton already has above average rates of cycling (although other cities are well ahead of us), despite a lack of serious investment in infrastructure to ensure safety and encourage more people to take up cycling.

The Liberal Democrats are committed to towns and cities that are designed to be safe and attractive walking spaces and implementing the recommendations of the Get Britain Cycling report.
Segregated cycleways are clearly the safest way to deliver this, but they are not always practicable on the routes where we need them. We are committed to developing a comprehensive cycle network scheme that connects the key population, working and recreation centres safely and properly funding that scheme. We will require all future proposals for road developments to demonstrate how they will contribute to our city-wide cycling plans, prioritising options for segregation, while considering the wider environmental and economic impact of all options so we choose the best way forward for all road users.

Lindsey HOOD(Green Party)
Steve LEGGETT (Labour Party) The Labour council is looking at a number of ways to improve Southampton’s highway infrastructure, working with various Cycling Groups and residents. Improvement in the quality and range of the Cycling Network is a major part of the 10 year cycling strategy being implemented by Labour.
Jeremy MOULTON (The Conservative Party)
  • I am very happy to look at the cycle super highway proposal. I think any such schemes need to be very carefully thought out so as to not have adverse consequences. I can cite one example in the Freemantle Ward where road space has been taken away to provide a widened pavement to facilitate a dedicated cycle lane – Archers Road by the old Dell. This reduced the number of lanes from 2 to 1 and doubled the length of the traffic waiting at the lights. The Air pollution is appalling in the road which has a primary school on it.
  • I think that we need to plan to reduce car use in the city by supporting better public transport options and this needs to go along side improvements for cycling. To this end we would seek to make far greater use of light passenger rail. The city already has 8 urban train stations and we feel much greater use could be made of these with local services. We are also committing to carrying out a feasibility study into creating a new station at Northam and a new station in the Eastern Docks to take football and cruise passenger traffic off the streets. Hear more details here:

Peter Packwood (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts)
Ed THOMPSON (Protest against Brexit – vote Viva Europa)  Yes. Great idea.

Question 3

Are you in favour of lowering speed limits to 20mph in some residential areas to make it safer for people to walk and cycle?

Alexander CLIFTON-MELHUISH (Liberal Democrat) We will introduce 20mph zones in residential areas across the city where residents want this, and we would proactively encourage this in areas near schools, nurseries and parks.
Lindsey HOOD(Green Party)
Steve LEGGETT (Labour Party) Trials carried out at known hotspots have showed no reduction in speed. The massive cuts made by this Tory government to Hampshire Police have left resources stretched making it almost impossible to enforce. Without enforcement it is not worth doing.
Jeremy MOULTON (The Conservative Party)
  • I am very much in favour of reducing speed limits to 20mph in some residential areas. Many of the streets in Freemantle are narrow and driving at 30mph is quite dangerous. The law enables us to introduce 20 mph limits via traffic regulation orders. In the past 20 mph “zones” required engineering works to accompany the introduction of the 20 mph limit and the cost of this meant that roll out of 20 mph zones was largely limited to around schools.
  • I have been campaigning for many years for 20 mph limits with motions and questions to council meetings as the majority of Freemantle residents are keen to see them introduced. This is a key commitment in the Southampton Conservatives 2018 Manifesto.
Peter Packwood (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts)
Ed THOMPSON (Protest against Brexit – vote Viva Europa) Yes

Question 4

If elected what would you do to encourage cycling in Southampton?

Alexander CLIFTON-MELHUISH (Liberal Democrat) The Liberal Democrats will deliver on our plans to improve cycling infrastructure, though our proposed budget that adds £1m of extra capital expenditure for cycling and incorporating cycling and public transport considerations into the city-wide and local area development, transport and housing plans.


I will push for renewal of the Millbrook Road East road surface and segregated cycle and pedestrian paths on Millbrook Road West to improve this vital cycle route, while exploring options for moving the entire route into the docks if possible. I would also look to reclaim road space along the southern end of Shirley Road for a segregated cycle way to Shirley, and revise proposals for the railway bridge near the police station for a segregated cycleway.

Lindsey HOOD(Green Party)
Steve LEGGETT (Labour Party) The Labour council holds quarterly forums to listen to the various cycling bodies concerned with cycling issues. In discussion with cycling groups a 10 year cycling strategy was launched that is costed and deliverable, investing more money than ever before and listening to cyclists. I fully support these measures.

I also fully support the council’s effort to encourage more people to take up cycling by promoting various bike rides and introducing the YoBike system into Southampton which ensures cycles are available across the city for people who may not be confident enough or able to purchase their own bike. Cycling also play a major part in the Labour council’s air-quality action plan.

Jeremy MOULTON (The Conservative Party) Our manifesto contains a number of key pledges:

  • By acquiring specialist velocity patcher machinery, Southampton Conservatives will dramatically speed up repairs on all of our roads and cycle routes. We would prioritise fixing roads which are official cycle routes. We would also ensure that potholes, which are currently ignored by the council because they are deemed not deep enough, get fixed. You can hear more details here:
  • To encourage cycling in the city, in addition to the proper maintenance of cycle lanes, we would make it planning policy to require showers for cyclists in new workspace buildings.
  • We would introduce 20 mph limits on residential roads where residents want them.
  • We want encourage more children to cycle, walk and scoot to school and would make keeping children safe a priority. We would ensure that every school that wants a lollipop person can have one. You can hear more details here: This is an especially important issue in Freemantle as all of our primary schools have expanded in recent years. Conservatives would also introduce no-idling zones around schools to improve air quality and protect our children’s health.
Peter Packwood (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts)
Ed THOMPSON (Protest against Brexit – vote Viva Europa) Campaign for cycle superhighways and better cycle paths. More investment in cycle infrastructure.

Question 5

If elected would you be in favour of allocating 10% of the local transport budget to cycling?

Alexander CLIFTON-MELHUISH (Liberal Democrat) In our alternative budget, presented to Council in February 2018, we committed £1m of Council capital expenditure to building new or improving existing cycleways across Southampton, and prioritise pothole repairs to protect cyclists’ safety. This is in addition to existing revenues that Labour have already dedicated, increasing net spending on cycling. Unfortunately, we do not have access to the full budget breakdown, so we cannot say if this will be more or less than 10% of the transport budget, but we will identify what funds are necessary to deliver the changes we need.

Lindsey HOOD(Green Party)
Steve LEGGETT (Labour Party) Every year the Labour council spends more than 10% of its Transport budget on cycling.
Jeremy MOULTON (The Conservative Party) Yes I would be in favour of this. We would seek to achieve this by prioritising the resurfacing of roads in the city which are formal cycle routes. An example of this is Millbrook Road East in Freemantle Ward.
Peter Packwood (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts)
Ed THOMPSON (Protest against Brexit – vote Viva Europa) Yes

Question 6

If elected would you be in favour of a Workplace Parking Levy?

Alexander CLIFTON-MELHUISH (Liberal Democrat) The level of air pollution in Southampton is well beyond recommended limits and is attributed with the deaths of an estimated 200 people per year. We need immediate and meaningful action to address this, including finding ways to reduce the volume of traffic commuting into Southampton daily. The Workplace Parking Levy could be an effective way to do this, and provide valuable funds to invest in alternative transportation – including cycling. However, we would need to consider if it will deliver the desired impact before committing to its implementation, and we would explore this among a number of options if elected.
Lindsey HOOD(Green Party)
Steve LEGGETT (Labour Party) This is an initiate worth looking into to see how it can improve cycling rates. In the last 5 years the Labour council have invested £25M into cycling in Southampton which has seen a +32% increase in the number of people cycling.
Jeremy MOULTON (The Conservative Party)
  • I would be very nervous about the introduction of such a levy. We need to support and encourage businesses in the city. This is especially important given a recent deal with the government which enables Southampton City Council to retain 100% in the growth of its business rates, as opposed to passing this money up to central government. More businesses in the city means more business rates to support vital local services.
  • I would be in favour however of using a share of the growth in business rates, as well as developer contributions for new developments and the New Homes Bonus, for improvements in the city’s infrastructure. Also I would support a share of the additional business rates levied via new Business Improvement District going on better cycling infrastructure in the city centre.

In early 2017, Southampton City Council was awarded £2.2m from the Department for Transport’s Access Fund. We would wish to see more of this money spent on actual cycle improvement schemes. We are concerned that enormous amounts of money given to the city by government has been spent and in some cases wasted on advertising and marketing. Whilst we support efforts to encourage people to take up more sustainable forms of transport, we feel that a better balance is needed between this work and actual schemes to make physical improvements for cyclists in the city.

Peter Packwood (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts)
Ed THOMPSON (Protest against Brexit – vote Viva Europa) Yes, we need to nudge people to use sustainable transport.