Newsletter August 2023

Dear CC members, please join us soon!

On Mon 14th Aug we’re meeting 5pm on The Common opposite Bellemoor pub to leaflet commuters etc – please join us!  

At 6pm we’re having a garden social near The Common, with bring and share food and drink – vegetarian food only please, labelled if vegan.  Lock bikes at front on rack or bring bikes up the side of the terrace and stack on patio.  RSVP to, and ask for address if needed.  Please say roughly what food you’re bringing so I can fill gaps and know roughly how many chairs needed.

We will probably have our usual social on Tues 29th.  We could leaflet commuters etc first – maybe at Boardwalk?  Suggested location for social is vegetarian & independent in Portswood.

Zoom meeting is 11th Sept.   Do tune in to hear what we’ve been busy doing.  Lots of Working Parties are busy, and lots of issues being discussed and followed up.

Sat Sept 16th is another garden social (could delay to 23rd or 24th if foul weather).   Using our money for BBQ food.  See you soon!

Thanks, Lyn