World Remembrance Day for Road Traffic Victims

“We need a time for us to cross.”

Please join Southampton Cycling Campaign and The Art House on Sunday 18th Nov for
World Remembrance Day for Road Traffic Victims.

We believe that everybody should be able to cross the road safely, directly and without delay and have chosen the dangerous junction at Bullar Rd/Bitterne Rd West next to Bittern Station to demonstrate just how dangerous this junction, is for pedestrians and cyclists, like so many others in Southampton,

Please Sign our Petition and share widely

Times to join us

  • 12 noon – 2pm – The Art House – Bike decorating & making bright costumes*

  • 2pm – cycle and walk together, to Bitterne station (SO18 1GG)

  • 2.50pm – Photo opportunity – join us if you’re not shy

  • 3pm – Make ourselves loud and visible at the junction until 3.30pm. Standing at the junction, crossing the roads and cycling around the junction.

We intend to come out in force to show that people want a change to the car-centric city we live in. That we will no longer tolerate having over 26,000 people killed or seriously injured on the UK’s roads every year (over 70 people every day) and more than 140,000 people suffer minor injuries ( that’s nearly 400 people every day), and we want the streets to be somewhere where people, especially children can move around safely and freely.

What do we want to see at this junction?

– Safe and direct crossings for pedestrians and cyclists across Bittern Road West, Bullar Road and Athelston Road.

– Dropped kerbs and signage for cyclists to be able to access shared use paths, and a safe route around the three lane gyratory to be able to access places such as Cobbett Road Library.

– traffic calming needed by the concrete blocks on Bullar Rd, as the crossing is often ignored by vehicles.


Currently is takes 7 minutes to cross from Bittern Station to the Athelston Rd a route that is used by school children ever day. Many choose not to wait for the lights and simply skip over the railings and dodge the traffic. It’s a tragedy waiting to happen.

Watch this VIDEO to see just how poor this crossing is

Current Highways England plans for this junction do not include any of these essential safety measures, and we believe they should be included.

Southampton Cycle Campaign believes in Living Streets, that cities should be designed for People not Cars! Walking and cycling are the best way to get around a city like Southampton for many people, keeping us fit and healthy and moving around at a pace that allows us to appreciate the place we live. Coupled with a joined up public transport system the majority of people could move around a modern city without the need for cars at all.

“What do we want?” “A time to cross” “When do we want it?” “Now”

Organised by Southampton Cycling Campaign & The Art House, and supported by many local groups.

* Ideas for pedestrian costumes = anything bright, and/or get two pieces of a cardboard box (or 2 cereal packets) with 2 pieces of string to make a sandwich board. Or a placards or a banner. “We need a time for us to cross.” Can bring instruments, hand bells. Could wear face masks if have one.

* Ideas for bike decorating: we have some bits from scrap store (but please bring more)

to do this Cyclist using his noodle or this Cyclist using her noodle or this Many cyclists using their noodles because of Ellen’s Law

We probably won’t go this far though… Bamboo Car Skeletons