2018 List of respondents

The following is an index to all candidates (43, out of 80 standing, i.e. 54%) who have submitted public responses. Click on the ward name to see them.

Response rates by affiliation (party) Response rate Responses Candidates
Conservative Party: 50% 8 16
Green Party: 81% 13 16
Independent: 38% 3 8
Labour Party: 50% 8 16
Liberal Democrat: 50% 8 16
Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: 20% 1 5
UK Independence Party: 66% 2 3
43 80

This list is ordered by ward and then surname.

Bargate: [view responses]

  • Sarah BOGLE (Labour Party)
  • Joe COX (Green Party)
  • Ben CURD (Liberal Democrat)

Bassett: [view responses]

  • Richard BLACKMAN (Liberal Democrat)
  • Alan FRENCH (Green Party)

Bevois: [view responses]

  • Ronald MELDRUM (Green Party)

Bitterne: [view responses]

Bitterne Park: [view responses]

  • Rob HARWOOD (The Conservative Party)
  • James READ (Liberal Democrat)

Coxford: [view responses]


Freemantle: [view responses]

  • Alexander CLIFTON-MELHUISH (Liberal Democrat)
  • Jeremy MOULTON (The Conservative Party)
  • Ed THOMPSON (Protest against Brexit – vote Viva Europa)

Harefield: [view responses]

  • Chris BLUEMEL(Green Party)
  • lan LLOYD (Labour Party and Co-operative Party)
  • Colin MCDOUGAL (Liberal Democrat)
  • Peter VIRGO (Independent)

Millbrook: [view responses]

  • Jonathan BEAN (Green Party)
  • Mike DENNESS (Labour Party)
  • Ed EDWORTHY (Southampton Independents Putting You First)
  • Stephen GALTON (The Conservative Party)
  • Pearline HINGSTON (UKIP)

Peartree: [view responses]

  • Tom BELL (The Conservative Party)
  • Nick MABEY (Green Party)
  • Catherine RENDLE (Labour Party)

Portswood: [view responses]

  • Adrian FORD (Liberal Democrat)
  • Katherine BARBOUR (Green Party)
  • Lisa MITCHELL (Labour Party)
  • Paul O’NEILL (The Conservative Party)

Redbridge: [view responses]

  • Christopher JAMES (Green Party)
  • Denise WYATT (Southampton Independents Putting You First)
  • Simon STOKES (Liberal Democrat)

Shirley: [view responses]

  • Hannah COOMBS (Labour Party)
  • Peter GALTON (Liberal Democrat)
  • John SPOTTISWOODE (Green Party)

Sholing: [view responses]

  • Lyn BRAYSHAW (Green Party)
  • Andy FRAMPTON (Labour Party)
  • Marley GUTHRIE (The Conservative Party)

Swaythling: [view responses]

  • Angela COTTON (Green Party)
  • Lorna FIELKER (Labour Party)
  • Bob PAINTON (The Conservative Party)

Woolston: [view responses]

  • Sue ATKINS(Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts)
  • Clive HILLMAN (Green Party)
  • Matt JONES (The Conservative Party)