‘Making streets liveable’! Last few weeks to SIGN

VCD+Fachtag+am+6.7.2013Are you deafened by traffic noise on the walk to school? Can your childen go safely on their own? Are you choked by car fumes from drivers that may not be driving if they felt safe to cycle? Is your frailty making you fearful to cross the road?

YES? then join us in doing something positive about it.

20’s Plenty for Us is helping to collect 1 million signatures for the European Citizen’s Initiative (ECI) for 20mph/30kph. It’s a people-powered call for 20mph to be the default European speed limit for built up areas. The success of 20’s Plenty in the UK is part of the reason this was established.

Changing the built-up default to 20mph without signage would be cheaper and quicker than changing the road signs locality by locality as is presently happening.

Just this month has seen the City of London agree Total 20mph Limits for all its roads and a week later Birmingham plans for 90% of its roads to have a 20mph limit. Southampton Councillors sadly are dragging their feet despite announcing a trial area to come into play later this year, whereas their neighbour Portsmouth City led the country in introducing 20mph in 2009.

We have just a few weeks left until the deadline 12 Nov to submit 54,750+ signatures from the UK and we need you to sign if you care about where you live, your safety on the streets and your quality of life.

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