Cyclepath issue on Avenue

Avenue-DominoHas anybody had any collisions or near misses with vehicles on the cyclepath outside Domino’s Pizza on the southern end of the Avenue. Let us know or better still add your experience into the new cycling issue tracking system called Cyclescape. Also in CycleScape you can vote if you agree that this is an issue that needs to be fixed.

3 thoughts on “Cyclepath issue on Avenue

  • 8th July 2013 at 8:29 PM

    Its a disaster area. The pizza delivery drivers park on the cycle lane, they drive along the cycle lane, the giant dominos truck parks on the cycle lane. They are simply wilful. ‘Doesn’t matter, it will only be a minute’ One is polite but they just swear at you. The pedestrians also get squeezed onto the cycle track with pavement parking.
    Its very dangerous. Going north on the cycle lane one stops at the red light on the Avenue. You then cross on green onto the dominos section. But there are now cars on your blind side that are also accelerating away from the lights. They then exit left onto the cycle lane to catch a parking spot. This can be on any one of three entry points. One can be unseen as its behind the bus shelter. Cars do this fast as its illegal.
    I have been bumped by cars and done numerous emergency stops. One is very wary here and its a public cycle track where one is supposed to be safe. I can’t believe that Dominos have permission to use their frontage as public parking or the pavement. After 15 years of this it can only improve with Dominos being moved on to somewhere more appropriate like a drive through.

  • 9th September 2013 at 11:34 PM

    I’ve been bumped a few times by dominoes drivers. They are in a hurry to deliver and just don’t look. It’s a very under reported problem.

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