Email your councillor for a share of Baker’s £15 million pot

From The Times:

Dear Reader

Over the past few months you have helped us highlight more than 10,000 cycling blackspots as part of our Cities fit for Cycling campaign.

Today, Norman Baker, the Transport Minister, announced that your findings will be used to help allocate £15 million of funding to improve dangerous road junctions outside of London. We couldn’t have done this without your contributions.

As part of our commitment to bring about real change, we have presented those hazards to the worst affected cities and boroughs across the country, including Westminster, Lambeth, Bristol, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Leeds, Cambridge, Sheffield, Newcastle, Manchester and Cardiff.

Now we need your help to pressurise local councillors into taking action.

Wherever you live, please take a minute to go to this page thetim.es/cyclesafe-local, type your postcode into the envelope and email one of your local representatives, asking them to bid for funding to improve key junctions in your area.

Thank you once again for your support.

James Harding
Editor of The Times

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