Mark Brummell

We are devastated to report that long-time campaign member, Mark Brummell, was killed last night after a collision with a car. The accident was on the Beaulieu Road at the Ipley Cross. The driver of the car was arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving.

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  1. Rob Jordan says:

    There’s a very warm tribute to Mark from ShirleyKnot here:

  2. David Perry says:

    Mark has been keeping us all in bikes for years, repairing replacing, innovating, he was a real star in the Southampton Cycling community. An articulate, deeply knowledgeable and patient man with a real passion for his work. What makes this so wrong is that 6 months ago exactly the same incident happened to Jack (16) our youngest cyclist. His right of way, nothing else for miles on this open junction and some how another 60 year old driver “did not see him”, failed to stop, and smashed into Jack. He was luckier than Mark, bounced well, just a broken collarbone. Yet everyone that knows the area says that there are regular accidents here. Is it because it seems so easy, so open? What will make car drivers more aware, more careful? We should have a ride out from Mark’s house to Ipsley Cross, invite the press and see if we can make this lovely part of the New Forest just a little safer.

  3. William Drabkin says:

    Members of Sotonia, one of the local cycling clubs in Southampton, were devastated to here this news. As a friend of mine put it recently, losing a cyclist in a road accident is like losing a brother or a sister: when we next ride in that direction, we shall stop at Ipley Cross for a minute’s silence, as a sign of respect for someone with such a passion for cycles and cycling. Thank you, Shirley, for you kind words about Mark.

  4. Richard james says:

    I have only just read this very sad news and I regret not having made it to the naked bike ride to join everyone else in paying tribute.

  5. I worshipped Mark Brummell for 7 years (20 years ago, before I jilted him for Colin, whom I merely love). Mark was the most brilliant savant I have ever met. I owe him much. I am still sorry that I proved unworthy of him.

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