April / May meetings

From Lindsi:

I have attempted to change the date of our next meeting from Monday 9th April (Easter Monday) to Tuesday 10th or the following Monday. However, I have not yet had a response to my email from Progressive Lettings, the organisation responsible for administering the Meeting House bookings. I have therefore decided that we will keep to the original date as I know some people are free and could attend. As numbers might be low we will have time to discuss a number of on-going issues in more depth than is normally possible and will not have a full Agenda.

Apologies to those who are away or cannot attend for any reason. Please try to come to the May meeting (14th), at which we will hold our AGM and discuss ideas for Bike Week.

Please think about standing for a position at the AGM. Some Cycle Campaigns have many more positions that we do, thus sharing the work, so please don’t be put off standing because you don’t have a lot of time to spare – an hour a week would be a great help.

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