Minutes of May 2012 meeting

Present: 14: Chris Bluemel, Lindsi Bluemel, Jonathan Chant, Mike Charlton, Dilys Gartside, Grant
Holmes, Liz Holmes, Eric, Dan, John, Lyn, Mike, Paul, Rob
1. Minutes of meeting of 12th March: were distributed and accepted as read.
2. Election of Officers: (Each proposed and seconded by members)
– Mike Charlton agreed to continue to be Chair.
– Lindsi Bluemel agreed to be Secretary for another year.
– It was agreed that a Vice Chair was needed for which Chris Bluemel was proposed and seconded.
– Liz Holmes was proposed and seconded to be Minutes Secretary.
– Sue was proposed and seconded to continue to be Membership Secretary.
– Paul proposed and seconded as Treasurer.
– Dilys proposed and seconded as Publicity and Media Officer.
– Rob proposed and seconded as Website Administrator.
– Dan proposed and seconded to be responsible for IT and Communications.
– Angela proposed and seconded to be responsible for the SCC Newsletter.
– A special thank you was extended to John for his valued and continued contribution as unofficial Rights of Way Officer.
3. Wardens
– Lindsi gave a clear outline of the role of a warden, stressing the usefulness of the role, encouraging members to keep an eye on changes, and report problems in their areas. Mike suggested making a warden’s update an agenda item at meetings.
4. National Bike Week: 16th – 24th June.
Rides for the week 16th – 24th June:
– Fri 8th June – Naked Bike Ride (otherwise known as ‘Bet You Can See Me Now’ ride!). Start time: 18.00. Start point: Southampton Common – East – near Highfield Road.
– Sat 9th June – Cyclewise ride – Victoria View. Details on the cyclewise website.
– Mon 18th June – Chilworth / Lordswood ride – led by Eric. Start time: 18.30. Start point: The Cowherds, The Common, SO15 7NN
– Weds 20th – Chilworth / Newport Inn cycle, led by Mike. Start time: 18.30. Start point: The Cowherds, The Common, SO15 7NN
– Fri 22nd – Hamble ride led by Lindsi. Start time: 18.30. Start point: Boardwalk, Horseshoe Bridge. (Woolston Station: 19.00)
Other Rides:
– Sun 1st July: Southampton Sky ride.
Suggestion that SCC have a presence at the Sky ride, but was deemed inappropriate. Members were reminded that local sky rides take place every Sunday.
Lindsi suggested doing rides further from Southampton. Most members keen.
There followed a discussion about Insurance for cyclists on SCC rides.
Is the disclaimer on our Rides leaflet sufficient? Various ways we put forward to raise money for
1. Charge a small fee per ride
2. Organise a more informal ‘donation’ during each ride.
3. Increase membership fee.
It was decided that discussion would be deferred until the next meeting.

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