Minutes of April 2012 meeting

PRESENT:   Lindsi Bluemel, Dilys Gartside, John Heath, Mark Brummell
1.   We discussed the sub-group to be set up by Mike Charlton to redesign our Newsletter as a less frequent ‘window-shopper’ for potential new members (twice or thrice pa)  and our more frequent online news for existing members (fortnightly) with which Dan Doherty is willing to help in hope will reduce pressure on Rob Jordan managing website.
2.   Rides for All new programme – Dilys has emailed CTC for information about affiliation to CTC to gain insurance cover for led rides and events.
Dilys to email Jayne Rogers at Cyclenation to ask about insurance via our membership of that organisation too.
We discussed doing weekday and Sat rides through summer while Sky Rides take place on Sundays  includg possible 25m ride from Redbridge to Carlo’s cafe.
3.   Test Valley Way – bridge down at Moorcourt Farm – John Heath to check it out. (JH reported Tues that repaired)
4.   Western Approach new north side cycle route – Dilys to contact Hi Chi Hii to ask what consideration was given to our submissions  and also to find out and contact person at Sustrans interested in this scheme as they paying for it.
5.   JH reported that the garage abutting cyclepath at Redbridge where bollards recently removed  are parking a display car on it this week.  Area Warden to identify and report them to Council.

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