Welcoming Hostelries: Willow Tree, Winchester

See comment from new landlords Heath and Gina. They promise that the offending signs will go and cyclists are now welcome.

From Caroline Maynard:

While walking around Winchester, I came across this sign outside the Willow Tree in in Durngate Place, Winchester.

Just in case we hadn’t got the message, not only are cycles unwelcome in the pub’s garden, but also a municipal street sign on the public pavement outside the pub has been similarly decorated.

Why are people offended by bicycles? You’d think a pub would be glad that its customers did not arrive in cars.

3 thoughts on “Welcoming Hostelries: Willow Tree, Winchester

  • 21st January 2011 at 11:25 AM

    I’d be tempted to add to their decorated street sign.


  • 30th January 2011 at 1:12 AM

    As from the 1st December 2010, we became the new landlords of The Willow Tree. Removing the aforementioned signs is certainly on our list of things to do to make the garden welcoming to everyone. Cycles and cyclists are more than welcome.


  • 2nd February 2011 at 10:07 PM

    Now Heath & Gina have made it clear as the new owners that the old policy is a thing of the past, why not remove the article and give them a chance? If I hadn’t read the comments and realised ownership had changed, I would have gave the pub a wide berth. Not everyone reads the comments! As it happens, I reckon I’ll give the pub a visit in the summer. TOP TIP Heath & Gina, Ditch the signs ASAP!!!

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