Online petition to protest Hythe ferry bike charges

There is now an online petition to protest the introduction of charges for bikes on Hythe ferry. Please sign here. And don’t forget the protest at Town Quay tomorrow (Friday) afternoon at 4.30pm. You don’t have to take the ferry to Hythe. Please show up even if you can only spare a few minutes.

2 comments on “Online petition to protest Hythe ferry bike charges
  1. Andy Harwood says:

    I think its discusting the fact that cyclists are going to be charged more to take their bikes on the ferry!
    The fact that even charging bikes wont make more people use the ferry so im confussed into what they are trying to acheive.
    Its a complete joke and I hope this petition helps!

    I use the ferry everyday to get to work and I dont take a bike, yet I fully support this 100%

  2. Grant Holmes says:

    White Horse Ferries are shooting themselves in the foot if they start chargeing cycleists. I will be useing alternative routes to the new forest if they do!

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