Hampshire Local Transport Plan: Strategy Consultation

Hampshire County Council is currently consulting on a proposed long-term Local Transport Plan Strategy for the period 2011-2031, as part of development of a third round of a Local Transport Plan for the County (known as LTP3). The 12-week public consultation is primarily web-based. To view the consultation material, and how to respond, please visit HCC’s dedicated website. The consultation period runs until Wednesday 29th September 2010.

The consultation material has been structured in six parts. These include the County Council’s proposed county-wide transport vision, priorities and the policy background, set out in Parts A, B and C, and three area strategies.

The area strategies cover North Hampshire (Part D), Central Hampshire and the New Forest (Part E) and South Hampshire (Part F).

This consultation on the six documents will run for 12 weeks from Thursday 8 July to Wednesday 29 September 2010.

HCC has created an online response form so that members of the public, employers, organisations, and other interested parties can provide it with their views on the emerging strategy and policies that will guide development of transport in Hampshire in the future.

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