Inspired Living Charity Cycle Rides

Inspired Living is a charity formed by local people with the aims:

  1. to inspire ordinary men and women to adopt healthier lifestyles to reduce their risk of contracting cancer,
  2. to produce medical research information which is of high value in the fight against cancer,
  3. to raise £1 million for Cancer Research.

“We want to show that ordinary people can do extraordinary things”
Dr. Tim Frank (founder)

For more information see the web site: www.inspiredliving.org.uk

The Fun Ride – from Winchester to Portsmouth

The Cycle4Life ride on Saturday 4th September 2010 is open to all, and will cover 33 miles of beautiful local countryside from Winchester to Portsmouth. We invite everyone to participate.

The Continental Ride – from Winchester to Gibraltar

30 local people have signed up to continue the journey from Winchester to Gibraltar, a 1,250 mile cycle ride taking two weeks. They have been undertaking a six-month fitness and nutrition programme advised by experts from the Royal Navy and the medical profession.

How you can help

  • Please consider joining the fun cycle ride from Winchester to Portsmouth on 4th September. You can enter via the Inspired Living web site: www.inspiredliving.org.uk/cycle4life
  • Please support Cancer Research by sponsoring the team cycling 1,250 miles from Winchester to Gibraltar. Local cyclist Caroline Maynard (wife of SCC web master Rob Jordan) is among them, and would be grateful for any donations via:

All donations go directly to Cancer Research UK.

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