Cyclists and walkers not welcome here!

From Dilys:

Following the recent stories (verified as I know the cyclists and walkers involved) that groups of cyclists and ramblers were made unwelcome as being ‘smelly’ or ‘unsightly’ by The Lamb Inn Nomansland, plus a similar experience ourselves at a pre-arranged lunch venue The Ginger Piggery in the Wylye Valley Salisbury where we were told to move our bikes as they were unsightly (not obstructing or likely to be touched by anyone), I feel we should have a Register on Site of hostelries that DO NOT WELCOME cyclists and walkers as being unsightly and lowering their image.

Alongside this, I would like to see a Register of hostelries which make a real effort to welcome energetic folk and the less energetic. I can nominate immediately:
The Willow Tree Cafe Lyndhurst and their excellent quality and value cream tea
Carlo’s at East Wellow – will be taking a Sky Ride there as soon as rain stops

What do you all think?


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