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Chris Davies cycled 906,900 miles in 60 years
Chris Davies cycled 906,900 miles in 60 years
Chris Davies, 72, of East Street, Havant, has now cycled a record 906,900 miles in 60 years – setting the new world record for the Most miles pedalled.Mr Davies said: ‘For as long as I can remember I have loved cycling. I still love it as much as I used to and I cycle every day. It keeps me in good shape and gets me out and about. My bike is an extension of me.’

The 72-year-old who had a hip replacement eight years ago, clocked up almost 10,000 miles last year to maintain his place as leading member in the 300,000 Miles Club.

He is the Portsmouth representative for CTC, the national cycling organisation, and says his love for the bike began when he visited his grandmother’s beach hut in Hayling Island as a boy.

Chris Davies, former cycling correspondent for The News in Portsmouth, has kept a record of miles ridden in the same school exercise book he bought almost 60 years ago.

Mr Davies took his first ride in 1950 when he travelled 10.5km (six-and-a-half miles) from his home town of Havant, Hampshire, to Hayling Island. He was so smitten with his new hobby that he jotted down the exact details of his ride in a school exercise book.

He now uses a computerised speedometer attached to his handlebars to calculate the length of rides.

There’s always a story behind his mile-eating, such as when in 2005 he dreamt up a unique way for a Portsmouth man to mark two special occasions: one his 50th consecutive year of knocking up over 1000 miles a year, the other, the 200th anniversary of Nelson’s famous naval victory in the Battle of Trafalgar. He did this by riding from Cape Trafalgar in Spain to Trafalgar Square, where he reported to the figure atop the column.

Mr Davies has never wed – he says he is married to his bike.

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