Bike maintenance project in Portsmouth

Hi All,

I will be at Somerstown Fire station in Somers Road North , opposite Somers Park Primary School, breaking and making bikes on the following dates.

Anyone who wants to come along and help or get involved or recycle a bike or just stand around and make jokes (tea perhaps) please feel free.

I will be there from 10am to 2pm, lunch is provided for productive workers.

Alternate Saturdays
9th January
23rd January
6th February
20th February
6th March

I am really in need of people with bike maintenance skills and any of the trained people would be fantastic.
Although all interest will be appreciated even if you only know someone that would like to recycle a bike of their own or you want to use some tool to try and learn about bikes by taking one apart….

Any questions contact me below
Thanks and regards

Jayne Rodgers
Sustainable Transport Officer
Traffic Safety and Sustainable Transport Group Civic Offices
023 9283 4590
FAX: 023 9283 4214

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