new/proposed schemes in the city

Details of the new Northam Bridge scheme: View the details [gif, 45KB]

Dale writes:
“We are in the process of amending the status of the footway along Townhill Way between Meggesson Avenue and Hood Road. The conversion will to a shared unsegregated status. Drop kerbs have already been installed.”
Eric adds “The scheme stops at the city boundary where the ancient Cutbush Lane bridleway crosses Townhill Way. Would Campaign members who are aware of this scheme in Southampton please consider writing to Hampshire County Council CC if wishing to see this facility further extended along Townhill Way in West End to Windermere Avenue and other side roads off Townhill Way ;Atlantic Park view to link to Cutbush Lane ;and to A27 /Allington Lane roundabout where the cycle route leads on to Itchen Valley Country Park .”