new signage for the common reports that

The Common has been receiving a face lift over the past few days. White lines on paths are being touched up, and warning stickers are being replaced on lamp posts.

As part of this effort, prominent No Cycling symbols have been applied on several paths where cycling is not permitted. The confusion comes because this symbol is a change from the one that Common users have been used to seeing. The old sign showed a bike with a diagonal line through it. However the Department for Transport sign now in use is a red circle with a bike in the middle – no diagonal line.

Some walkers, unfamiliar with the rules of the roads, are already expressing confusion as to the status of paths, and are concerned that cyclists may also not understand the rules.

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This follows December’s saga concerning light switch-offs for safety (which were postponed till the Spring), which resulted in the council’s cycling officers being added to the Common team.

To express your views, you can use writetothem, email Dale Bostock (cycling officer, be nice to him) or Lin Hand (common management); contact Lindsi or come along to a cycling campaign meeting.