Meeting March 11th

Quick rundown of some of the issues covered at last night’s meeting (from memory, if anyone else there wants to correct me, please do):
Pete Brunskill was present so we flung all our complaints at him…

Cemetery Road: used as commuter parking: pay+display meters?
Townhill Road: covered in a previous news item here
Hill lane:: crossing with Raymond Rd/the school: proposed toucan crossing. Some people (?) think toucan is a bad idea for cyclists: a zebra would be better for traffic flow, traffic awareness, plus an advanced stop box for cyclists. Also continuation of cycle lane all the way into town/the station.
Millbrook Road: plans are on a previous post. We want to make sure the scheme is not dangerous for cyclists crossing, e.g., third avenue
Romsey Road/Tebourba way:. Something happening. I can’t remember what…
Common: New no cycling signs affect most of the paths people want to use, use of Khartoum Road … addition of university paths (not technically public right of way) to cycle map?
Jury’s Inn Too many lanes?

And an update on progress of the new path from Horseshoe Bridge (none yet).

Contact your councillors to voice your view! writetothem, write to Dale dale.bostock, write to Les Coupe les.coupe. lin.hand for commons.