cycle study tour to assen

David Hembrow writes:

In 2008 I am organising a 3 day Cycling Study Tour in Assen in the
Netherlands. Many of the problems that cyclists face in the UK simply
don’t occur here. Dutch road and cycle path infrastructure is designed
quite differently to that which we see in the UK. It prioritises the
needs of cyclists. I feel there is much that the UK can learn from the

Assen is a small city with a population of 63000 people who make 70000
journeys by bike each day. Everything is within reach by bicycle. We
intend to show Dutch solutions to the problems faced by cyclists
travelling to work, to school, to the shops and those who cycle for

I’d like to invite campaigners to consider joining me on the 2008
tour. You can find online details of the tour on the web here:

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