In the news…

Four out of five children nationally are banned from cycling to school by their parents, due to parents fears for their safety. Cycle training could increase parents’ confidence and help children reclaim some freedom.

This is what parents are afraid of … teenage cyclist killed in a collision with a lorry. Sad news ):

Cambridge: firms offered cash incentive to improve cycling facilities (do office showers count as cyclist facilities?). “The scheme advises companies on quality cycle stands that cyclists want to use, thereby encouraging them to cycle more often.” Apparently nearly 25% of stolen bikes are never replaced — so reducing bike theft is surely important in keeping people cycling!

On a related note – Southampton University staff may be interested to know that the Cycle2Work scheme will be running for the first two weeks in June. See the BUN site for more info.

New cycle facilities in Surrey beauty spots For those people finding this site searching for Southampton to London cycle routes, how about via Surrey? 🙂