Lovers Walk: update

Some points from last night’s meeting

* the light switch-off has been delayed
* the council are meeting with the university on the 17th to discuss a way forward
* but the lights probably will be switched off for a trial period

It was suggested that the lighting issue is something of a red herring to the real issue, which is about creating good routes around the university and university sites, and to the schools in the area. Even with lighting Lovers’ Walk is not a great route as it is. Practically, widening it and removing the vegetation is not going to happen, nor adding white lines to mark the path edges – as I understand it this is to do with its status as an SSSI. During the switch off the council hope to sign alternative routes, and monitor their usage.

You can contact Lin Hand at to make suggestions and express your views. University members should contact university security to express their views on this issue.