Southampton Cycle Forum

The Southampton Cycling Forum was held on Wednesday night. Several SCC members were there as well as other local cyclists, over in the Ordnance Survey building with amazing wheeled chairs, and a good selection of free biscuits.

First, a talk from a Sustrans dude about the connect2 project; he said get blogging but given voting for it isn’t till December that can wait really.

Then, a talk from Angela Gill of Portsmouth about the 20mph limits that they’re covering the residential areas of the city with. Where the traffic is already not exceeding an average of 24mph, you can whack a 20 limit sign up. The aim to is to change the feel of the area and adjust people’s perceptions of the space—residential areas are living areas where children may be playing, vulnerable people crossing the street, whatever. There was some discussion about which parts of Southampton might be suitable for this kind of zone. Several people were vocally keen to have these put in. Councillor Gavin Dick is the dude whose mailbag you want to be in to push for or against the things.

Time went and ran out, as it always does. The final item on the agenda was to discuss changing the format of the Cycle Forum. The cyclists were worried their opinions would be pushed out in favour of a more formal forum with a genuine police presence. Perhaps we should take along a fake police presence next time … Individuals, of course, can keep bothering the council about what they want to see on the roads. They’ll get themselves out on the streets and have a look at your proposals and if they can find the money might even implement them.

I got a lift home, the Brompton tucked in the back of the little Renault between me and Lindsi…

Next stop is 27 October, a Saturday morning ride, 9am at the Civic Centre, to discuss cycle facilities in the St Denys and Bitterne Park area, and have a look at the planned route from Horseshoe Bridge to Jamie’s Computers (the one that will go ahead much faster if the connect2 project wins “The People’s Millions” in December… ). All welcome.

It’s the same deal people, it’s always the same deal. The council wants to spend its cycling budget where it’ll benefit cyclists most (well, the more happy cyclists, the more likely they are to vote for them, right?). It has to judge this based on the opinions of the half-dozen people who noisily bother the cycling officer once a week. Give them feedback people.