Connect2 is an exciting UK-wide project that aims to improve local travel in 79 communities by creating new walking and cycling routes for the local journeys we all make every day.

Connect2 is all about connecting people. Connecting communities, connecting schools, connecting people to green spaces. 79 schemes across the UK will provide connections to their local communities. In Southampton, the proposed scheme runs through St Denys between the Itchen and the railway line, making the final stretch of a pleasant route along the river.

For Southampton to benefit from this scheme, the connect2 project as a whole must be the winner of the People’s Millions Lottery Fund. If connect2 wins then the winning money will be distributed among the 79 projects, including £1m or so to Southampton’s riverside scheme. The winning project of the People’s Millions will be decided by a public TV vote in December. In order to register your support and be notified when the show is on, visit the website and enter your details in the form there.