Cycling safety

On Gristmill, an analysis of cycling safety. America-centric, but nicely written with an investigation into the risks and benefits of cycling. Not surprisingly, the author’s conclusion is that cycling is (relatively) safe, but could be safer:

Back to where I began: is cycling safe enough for my son Peter? Easily. The modest risks are swamped by the benefits. Still, it’s not as safe as it should be. All by myself, I cannot give Peter the safety levels of Germany or the Netherlands. I can’t personally install city-wide bike facilities, pass new traffic laws, and provide comprehensive mobility education to all. But I can carefully choose his routes with him, teach him to ride legally and cautiously, and provide ongoing education about how to get around safely.

Beyond that, I just have to remember that what’s really dangerous isn’t biking (or walking), it’s sitting around. Not pedaling can kill you.

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