Cycling England: Scheme of the month in Brighton

Tony Russell at Cycling England writes:

This month we feature the ground-breaking scheme onNew Road, in Brighton, which has been radically transformed into a shared space, offering two way cycle access, cycle parking and one way access for motor vehicles in the heart of the city centre. As our ‘personality’ we feature Andy Salkeld, cycling officer at Leicester City Council.

We have also added two more reports by the Professional Support Services team, reviewing cycle provision at a proposed Park and Ride site at Taunton and assessing options to improve provision for cyclists on a narrow bridge in Bournemouth.

These can all be accessed from the Engineering and Planning page:

Do remember that the Professional Support Services team offers an opportunity to help relieve some of your local authority’s workload through the provision of up to 5 days of (free) support. Details at:

The Design Checklist on the Cycling England website has been supplemented by a comprehensive linked ‘portfolio’ of concise guidance and examples. You can find them at: