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Southampton Cycling Campaign has been working hard for over 30 years to promote cycling in the city and surrounding areas. It has not always been easy with the rise of the car as the dominant form of transport in many cities including Southampton. But every modern city that is looking towards a sustainable vibrant future has now realised that cycling plays a key role in creating a clean, modern liveable environment where people come before cars.

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  • Southampton Travel Map
    Southampton City Council wants to gather feedback from the people that live and work in Southampton, as well as visitors to our city, about ways in which it can further support social distancing and encourage more active travel.  To achieve this, they have partnered with Commonplace to produce the Southampton Travel Map.   The Southampton Travel Map promotes the aims of Southampton’s Green Transport Recovery Plan, which was produced in line with government recommendations, to support the city’s economy, health and well-being and the environment. For more information and to share your views visit:
  • Minutes from June 2020 Meeting
    The minutes from the June 2020 meeting are now available to download
  • Update from Cycling UK – Stay Alert, Keep Cycling
    I hope you are still managing well during this time. We have moved from ‘stay at home’ to ‘stay alert’ messaging on COVID-19 – but what does this mean for cycling? Unfortunately the guidance still states that we must avoid group rides – however the changes in guidance means you can meet one other person from a different household outdoors and exercise outdoors as often as you wish – following social distancing guidelines. With this in mind Cycling UK has produced a guidance document for people in your groups that may be considering (or are already doing) solo cycling and
  • Cycling for Beginners
    Cycling is a truly invigorating and liberating experience, enjoyed by people of all ages and from all walks of life. Whether you’re cycling to work, to school, to the shops or just for fun, the humble bicycle is an easy way to get more active. The NHS has created a useful guide designed to make cycling a safe and enjoyable experience for beginners, and provide you with tips on staying motivated.
  • A video about the dangers of Ipley Cross junction
    An excellent video about the Ipley Cross junction in the New Forest.
  • Minutes from April 2020 Meeting
    The Minutes from the April 2020 Meeting are now available to download
  • Cycle shops open during Covid-19 lockdown
    Cycle shops are currently exempt from the retail shop lockdown. Listed below are the local cycle shops that have chosen to stay open and their restrictions. This is likely to be a dynamic situation so check using the links provided before going to the cycle shop. Be aware that these shops are only open for repairs, spare parts and essential items. They are likely to restrict the numbers of people allowed in the store at any one time and will require you to maintain social distancing of 2m at all times. The Woods Cyclery Open with restrictions GA Cycles Open
  • Suspension of the Cycle Campaign rides programme
    With regret and with immediate effect we are suspending the Cycle Campaign rides programme, including the advertised ride in Dorset, along the Piddle Valley, on 29 March. This is in response to national restrictions on social interaction which are trying to restrain the coronavirus epidemic, and bearing in mind the shut down of CTC and British cycling rides. So, our rides programme is in abeyance until further notice and no plans will be made for Bike Week rides in June. We hope that some of these rides, especially the Dorset one, can be rearranged at a future date. As and

Two members of the Cycling Campaign were recently interviewed about their experiences of cycling in Southampton by South Today .