What we want

December 21st, 2014

We have a number of long-running and shorter-term campaigns. Read about a selection of our long term aims below. For news on specific current issues, see the news page.


Clearly, the major focus of everyone involved with providing for cycling in Southampton is the coherence, appropriateness and quality of our cycle network. Southampton Cycling Campaign is arguably the best organisation for consultation on current and future projects because its membership comprises a wide variety of cyclists. We aim to ensure that we are involved at every possible step in the planning process for new developments and cycling facilities to ensure that the interests of cyclists and would-be cyclists are best served.


We intend to keep high the profile and morale of Southampton Cycling Campaign by undertaking various ‘hands on’ projects. These could be revamping a cycle-training site, running fun events helping keep cycleways maintained. We are willing to be ambitious! If you have any suggestions for projects that could meet your community’s needs do please let us know.


Increasing the uptake of cycling and raising awareness of cycling-related issues are two separate but interrelated areas that Southampton Cycling Campaign consider vital to improving cycling in the city. Without awareness of cycling and its benefits and pleasures, people will not be encouraged to give it a go. Similarly, by experiencing cycling, people will become better informed of the needs of cyclists and the value of cycling. Through projects, information events and close contact with other organisations, we hope to encourage a positive attitude to cycling.


Road repair is the Council’s responsibility. However, repairs won’t be done if problems are not reported so do please report the problems you experience on your regular journeys!

This can be done by reporting to ActionLine
phone: 0800 5 19 19 19
fax: 023 8022 3616
email: actionline@southampton.gov.uk
or write to Ground Floor, Southbrook Rise, 4-8 Millbrook Road East, Southampton, SO15 1YG
ActionLine webpage
Southampton City Council: potholes


How many people have said “I would cycle if I felt safer”? There are days when even the most hardened road cyclist can empathise, but consider this: in 2001 there were more than 58,000 deaths from heart disease that were attributed to inactivity – in the same year there were fewer than 200 cyclists killed. It’s quite persuasive isn’t it?

However, the issue of cyclist safety is a real one and must be tackled by more appropriate provision for cycling, increasing the number of people cycling, raising awareness of the needs of cyclists with motorists (let’s be honest, motorists are the main offenders) and even by tightening up the law where necessary.

Contraflow Cycle Lanes

Contraflow allow cyclists to travel in both directions in a one-way street. Southampton Cycling Campaign would like to see all one-way streets in the city with contraflow lanes for cyclists. One-way streets can often result in a longer and dangerous journey with more junctions to negotiate. One effective means of addressing these situations would be to introduce arrangements that allow cyclists to travel in both directions in a one-way street.

A contraflow lane should be at least 2m wide, but where road widths are restricted this can be reduced to 1.5m. The width will depend upon traffic volumes, speeds, and how many large vehicles are using the route.

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