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people’s millions/sustrans connect2 project: voting figures are out. London 2008: green plan announced (key proposals include default 20mph speed limits in all residential areas; increased cycling budget) active southampton campaign launched: “Experts say just 30 minutes of moderate exercise every

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Sustrans Connect2 wins People’s Millions vote

from http://www.thepeoples50million.org.uk/: Your votes have been counted, and Sustrans’ Connect2 has been revealed as the winner of the People’s £50 Million Lottery Giveaway, scooping £50 million of lottery money to spend on a national network of walking and cycling routes.

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lovers walk, peoples millions

* Lovers Walk: if you’re on facebook and you’re interested in cycle paths around the university, check out the Campaign for Better Cycle Paths and Footpaths group. There is also a petition you can sign. This is not specific to

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People’s Millions: Sustrans on TV

Tonight on ITV1: 11:05pm–11:20pm Lorraine Kelly champions the cause of Sustrans: Connect 2, the second project in the running for a special cash award, to be decided by viewers at home. The transport link enterprise aims to improve local travel

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Civic Centre to St Denys

0930 on a Saturday morning. Ouch. I rounded the corner of the Civic Centre still brushing the sleep from my eyes. At least getting from bed to the town centre in about twelve minutes flat had blown off some cobwebs—and

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People’s Millions online voting now open!

Online voting is now open for the people’s millions. Of the four projects, only one would affect communities right across the UK; the Sustrans Connect2 project, which would divide the funding among 79 projects from Scotland to Southampton which aim

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Connect2 in the Daily Echo!

connect2 in the daily echo. PDF with pictures See also www.sustransconnect2.org.uk/resources for more suggestions on how you can help with this exciting campaign … for example: add a few lines to the bottom of each of your emails (in your

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