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Video: Chris Boardman demonstrating safe overtaking of cyclists

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SUN 6 Oct – Swathling Station’s Anniversary – guided bike ride

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See the City by Cycle mini tour using the city’s cyclepaths and quieter back roads before arriving at Swaythling Station in time to catch the 130th anniversary celebrations of this beautiful old and still much used railway station.

See photos of the old station, bring the children for art and cake making competitions, bike maintenance help from the Bike Doctor, quizzes, transport information, raffles and face painting …. and thats just for the grown ups !

Catch the Cycle Train or disembark at various Halts:

Hawthorns Centre Soton Common embark 12noon
Law Courts Rockstone Place/Avenue
Hoglands Park by skatepark
Ropewalk Garden Derby Rd
St Mary’s Football Stadium
The Boardwalk Horseshoe Bridge
Riverside Park by miniature railway
Ancient Mans Bridge at Swaythling

EVERYONE WELCOME capable of confident cycling but as places are limited you MUST email me at  for your ‘FREE boarding pass’ and indicate where you will be joining the Cycle Train   ‘Simply Fab CHOO CHOO CYCLE TRAIN’

Campaign meeting on Monday

July 6th, 2013 No comments

safe_image.phpAt our next meeting, Monday 8th July, the speaker is Chris Gregory. Chris is Sustainability Manager for the New Forest Authority and he will be talking about both sustainable transport in the New Forest and leisure cycling. Take a look at his slideshow to get a flavour of his presentation

All are welcome.

Cochrane review of cycling injuries

February 21st, 2013 No comments
The Injuries Group at the University of Nottingham in association with London South Bank University is undertaking a National Institute for Health Research funded Cochrane Systematic review of cycling infrastructure for reducing injuries to cyclists with the following objectives:

1. evaluate the effects of different types of cycling infrastructure at reducing cycling injuries in cyclists by type of infrastructure
2. evaluate the effects of cycling infrastructure at reducing the severity of cycling injuries in cyclists
3. evaluate the effects of cycling infrastructure at reducing cycling injuries in cyclists with respect to age, sex and social group

We would be pleased to hear from anyone who would like to alert us to particular datasets, information, studies, websites or grey literature which they think may be of relevance or we may overlook. Please email Sherie Smith ( The protocol for the study is available at

John Parkin, Professor of Transport Enginering
Department of Urban Engineering,
Faculty of Engineering, Science and the Built Environment,
London South Bank University, 103 Borough Road, London, SE1 0AA
T: 020 7815 7160 M: 07848 029 902
Skype: john.parkin9 Twitter: @JohnParkin28

Join the call for 20mph limits Europe wide

January 20th, 2013 No comments

Dear Campaigners

20’s Plenty for Us is contributing to collecting 1 million signatures for the European Citizen’s Initiative (ECI) for 20mph/30kph. It’s a people-powered call for 20mph to be the default European speed limit for built up areas. The success of 20’s Plenty in the UK is part of the reason this was established.

Changing the built up default to 20mph without signage would be cheaper and quicker than changing the road signs locality by locality (our campaign focus thus far).

So, before 12 November 2013 we want to submit 54,750+signatures from the UK (our quoratenumber). A lot!
Please do so online at
If you have them, please post this on your facebook, newsletters, email lists etc.

How about aiming for 25 signatures a month for every campaign?

Please let me know if you would appreciate having forms printed out for you and posted – off list to –
We offer everyone a bundle of 30 forms (i.e. 180 signature spaces) and reply paid envelope.

We aim to have a formal presentation of ECI signatures at the 20’s Plenty conference at Coventry Transport Museum on 23rd May 2013. The person or campaign having the most (paper) signatures (I don’t think we can track the on-line ones for this offer – though they obviously do count to the 1m total) sent to Rod King (address on form) by the 27th April will be invited to present the signatures a the conference – i.e. a free place.

Help and suggestions on promoting this initiative are most welcome.

Anna Semlyen

Queen’s Park Scheme: Sunday 29th July, 2 pm, Holy Rood Church

July 26th, 2012 No comments

We will meet this coming Sunday at 2 pm for our site visit to Queen’s Park and Town Quay so that we are able to draw up a response to the proposals. Please come if you have an interest in the scheme.

If you have an interest, but are unable to come, there will be an evening meeting at which we will draw our findings together into a coherent document, so come along to that (date, time and venue will be posted on sotoncycling).

We have already a document with Dan D’s views which we will take with us and look particularly at the issues he raises – thanks, Dan.

Email your councillor for a share of Baker’s £15 million pot

June 28th, 2012 No comments

From The Times:

Dear Reader

Over the past few months you have helped us highlight more than 10,000 cycling blackspots as part of our Cities fit for Cycling campaign.

Today, Norman Baker, the Transport Minister, announced that your findings will be used to help allocate £15 million of funding to improve dangerous road junctions outside of London. We couldn’t have done this without your contributions.

As part of our commitment to bring about real change, we have presented those hazards to the worst affected cities and boroughs across the country, including Westminster, Lambeth, Bristol, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Leeds, Cambridge, Sheffield, Newcastle, Manchester and Cardiff.

Now we need your help to pressurise local councillors into taking action.

Wherever you live, please take a minute to go to this page, type your postcode into the envelope and email one of your local representatives, asking them to bid for funding to improve key junctions in your area.

Thank you once again for your support.

James Harding
Editor of The Times

Campaign Monthly Meeting – June 11

June 10th, 2012 No comments

Title: Campaign Monthly Meeting
Location: Friends Meeting House, Ordnance Road

Start Time: 19:30
Date: 2012-06-11
End Time: 22:00

Dale Bostock will be coming to the meeting tomorrow, so it would seem sensible to make a large part of the focus of the meeting those issues that we would like to discuss with him.

The agenda thus far is below.
If you have any other items that you would like added then let me know before I print the agenda proper tomorrow, else raise it/them in AOB (if we have time).



1. Mark Brummell
2. Finance update (this was missed at the AGM) and membership
3. Affiliation to CTC
4. Bike Week
5. Warden updates
6. Marsh Lane gyratory
7. Updates on Lovers Walk, Cobden Bridge, Bitterne precinct, routes to the station
8. Council policy – No Right Turn Except Buses, cyclist contraflow, 20 is Plenty

Minutes of Meeting held 13 Feb 2012

February 19th, 2012 No comments

Present: 19 members: Eric Reed, Dilys Gartside, Lindsi Bluemel, Peter Davis, Tina Davis, John Heath, Michael Waugh, Chris Bluemel, Richard Walters, Jim Probert, Dan Doherty, Thea Bjaaland, Eleanor Wilde, Ron Adams, Tim Wakely, Jonathan Chant, (newly joined) Su White, Grant Holmes, Liz Holmes, plus 3 guests: Daniel Hopgood, Derek Buxey, Paula Blake

Apologies: Mike Charlton incapacitated as Chairman by arm injuries from collision and Barry Colbourne who is poorly in hospital with broken hip and internal problems

  1. Minutes of Jan 9 meeting were accepted as read
  2. Matters arising:
    1. Richard Walters reported that police had attended Kathleen Rd Sholing and booked 68 drivers infringing restriction onto Bursledon Rd by using bus lane in a 2hr morning slot. Lindsi Bluemel explained the functions of Campaign Wardens keeping an eye on their own area and taking or reporting action
    2. It was asked what was the issue with petrol filling station on St Denys Rd. Chris Bluemel considered it could be an issue for cyclists
  3. Meeting with Cllr Fitzhenry for Transport and Environment. Lindsi and Dilys met with Cllr Fitzhenry, Dale Bostock and Phil Marshall on 9 Feb and notes of meeting are recorded at foot of tonight’s Agenda – attached. They felt it was more positive than last time and he more relaxed
    1. South Western House – RofW officer Dave Blakeway looked at issue of this being a right of way in 1990s. Dale wasn’t informed of route closure. If we want more info, contact Dave Blakeway direct
    2. Western Approach – scheme on north side will proceed. No Council response yet to our comments. Parking of lorries on service roads at Millbrook to be restricted by TRO
    3. Tina Davis reported defective surfacing at Lovers Lane on east side of Common south of underpass. Agreed that members should email City Council Actionline on this one
    4. City Council not proposing to roll out blanket 20mph zones but will be targeting some more
    5. Cycle Survey results not yet finally analysed. Richard Pemberton at SCC has been asked for them Cycle Route into city from east boundary over Itchen Bridge to be examined by City Council
  4. Newsletter out for Feb. Future format to be discussed
  5. Test Valley – Lidl developments – Planning application has been made to SCC / TVBC as development straddles boundary. A regional distribution centre is proposed across Redbridge Lane backing onto Holy Family Church. New cycle routes to be developed in conjunction with development. City Centre Action Plan and Core Strategy to be displayed at local libraries – 8 week consultation. Eleanor Wilde to invite Viv Messenger from TVBC to talk to us about North Baddesley and southern end of TV area.
  6. Dale Rd surfacing poor – contact Actionline
  7. Stoneham Lane – Dan Hopgood an engineer with Mott MacDonald proactive on active travel. Staff do not like travelling to office at north end because of issues with Stoneham Lane. People from Bassett / Swaythling wish to travel to Eastleigh via Stoneham Lane. Reasonably light traffic but suffers from maintenance issues. Street ice due to poor drainage. One fatal accident at southern end near Channels Farm Rd. It is a signed cycle route betn Eastleigh and Soton City. Portsmouth City Football Club 4×4 drivers a problem. DH has compiled a report on defects and issues. Some works have been done, some chevrons and bendo?? installed. All write to HCC Safety Engineer to express our many views on this
  8. The Times Cities fit for Cycling campaign – Importance of writing to MPs now to support Parliamentary hearing this month
  9. Dogs on Soton Common – Issues with dogs and people using cyclepaths. Derek reported hitting loose dog in dark killed dog he injured. Police visited him as not reported accident due to receiving hospital treatment although dog owner present at time – off work, then put on light duties. Further incident with loose dog chasing cyclists in underpass causing fall from bike. Consider what action we should be taking
  10. Rides for All – yesterday’s ride had 12 participants. Next Ride is Sun 18 March at Green Park Pavilion on Wimpson Lane Millbrook.

Date of Next Meeting: Mon 12 March 2012 at 1930 at The Friends Meeting House, Ordnance Rd.

February Newsletter

February 9th, 2012 No comments

The latest newsletter (February 2012) is available for download in [MS Word] or [PDF] format.